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“Channing Wayans” from has directed me to another LA Times article, this time with some estimated numbers for worldwide box office returns on opening weekend.  According to the article, The Rise of COBRA will  gross $100 million internationally this weekend, scoring $45 million dollars in international sales.

But where it gets really interesting is with the following quote:

“That’s certainly good enough for Paramount to claim victory, however, and start thinking about the future. The studio’s vice chairman, Rob Moore, confirmed that a sequel will soon go into development. The film’s lead actors are contractually obligated to return for another film, though director Stephen Sommers is not.”

While I certainly applaud Paramount’s optimism, and I hope nobody is jumping the gun, I’m going to wait a bit.  Let’s see how Rise of COBRA performs in its critical second weekend against District 9, and then start figuring out chances for a sequel.  Good to know it’s already on the radar, though!

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