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Okay, how can something so utterly cheesy be so cool at the same time?  I dunno, but this is.  The voice work is horrid, the flash-based animation is choppy and no-budget, but the character designs rock, and I loved every minute of it!  Still not sure how it’s possible.

Hasbro’s MonkeyBarTV has posted a neat little flash-based animated game, mixed in with a short new story/cartoon following a COBRA attempt and putting a spy in the midst of the Joe team.  Like I said, the story is thin, but the character models are freaking cool.  A lot of them look pretty much the same as the RoC film, but in a smoother, more animated style, however many of them are clearly Resolute inspired!  Destro, Ripcord, the Baroness, and Snake Eyes especially all have some great Resolute “feeling” to them, and it’s a pretty cool marriage between the two styles.

Does this mean an actual cartoon using these designs is in the works?  No idea, but you’d have no complaints out of if it is.  I’m amazed at how nicely the two styles merge into each other.  They seemed to dramatically contrast one another at first, but whoever designed the characters for this little game did a good job making them work together.

As part of a “reward” for completing certain aspects of the game, you can also download character filecards!  I snagged them all, and put them in a gallery below.  Pretty bad ass.

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