Select Page has a great interview with G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA director Stephen Sommers, covering many different angles and talking about all facets of the film, but near the end, he finally reveals Brendan Frasier’s role in the film.  The quote in question is below:

“IESB: It will, the universe has been established and you don’t have to do too much of the origins anymore of who’s who you can just go right at it. Now, we all knew Brendan Frasier had a cameo and I tried to catch the name, who is he playing?

SS: It’s Sergeant Stone. There’s a half a dozen actors in the film that I’ve worked with before, at least 4 or 5 from the Mummy movies, I like to work with nice people. I don’t work with assholes. They are all nice, there are a lot of other actors I’d like to bring in, there are a lot more G.I. Joe characters to go!”

Some folks thought this was a certainty already as it was, but it’s nice to hear some final confirmation from the film’s director as well.  Click here for the full interview.