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A forum member of message board “The Zone” reported that he saw an early screening of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, and these were his thoughts:

“I wanted to write something lastnight but i wasn’t really in the mood and i’m still not in the mood really. I will say this though, this was much better than i was thinking it would be. I walked in there with extremely low expectations and came out mildly surprised. The print i saw was a work print so there were some unfinished effects and other things that needed to be touched up. For those who followed the comic you may be disappointed with some of the backstory (like i was) but let’s face it, any comic that hollywood translates to film they are sure to add some of there own content whether we like it or not.”

More interesting info is that another forum member asked him about Brendan Fraser’s cameo, and this was his response:

“Brendan Frasier is in this film for about 5 minutes early in the film. I believe they said his name but i couldn’t catch it but he is wearing a beret just like Flint or Lt. Falcon so he might be either character.”

That pretty much confirms to me that Brendan Frasier is Sgt. Stone.

Also, “DVDChris” from the forum says “It’s nice to hear all these positive reviews coming out. Hopefully the haters will give the movie a chance.  I got a chance to see the movie at a pre-screening myself and agree with all the reviews I’ve seen so far. It’s a very fun action movie, not at all what I was expecting.” That post is here.

Ultimately everyone will make up their own mind, but I do think it’s great to see such a positive reaction early on in the screening process. Thanks to Jergor of for these links!