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I know other sites have some pictures up already, and I’m combing through them and picking out the good stuff, but I’m also expecting some images from JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome potentially tonight as well.  But at this point, this is what we know about what was shown at SDCC (or what was peeked at behind enemy lines…  :shifty: )

Wal-Mart Exclusive Battle Stations

  • Heatseek Missile w/ Scrap Iron and Neo-Viper
  • Surveillance Port w/ MARS Trooper
  • Laser Artillery Weapon w/ Hawk and Hit & Run (YES!)
  • Outpost Defender w/ Tripwire and Roadblock

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First impressions – I loved these battle stations as a kid, and they still look pretty cool, and I love that they’re coming with two figures.  Resolute Roadblock is GREAT, even if he looks different.  Love the QuaidHawk.  Please don’t tell me that funky green and silver Tripwire with tiger stripes is supposed to be Hit & Run…  :/

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Troop Builder Packs

  • G.I. Joe “Desert Set” w/ Dial Tone (female), Law & Order, Zartan, Footloose, and Repeater
  • COBRA set w/ Unknown

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Tough to make out a whole lot here, but I’m loving that Joe set.  Repeater and Footloose are both winners (yeah, I know, Footloose needs to be in green camouflage, but these paint apps look GREAT, even if they’re not vintage accurate).  Female Dial Tone is awesome to see, too, for those of us willing and able to move on from 1986.

Hopefully more to come!

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