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When I first saw the COBRA Gunship in person at the Toy Fair in New York, I couldn’t have been less impressed.  It looked basically like a silver slab of metal that just gets tossed through the air with no real means of propulsion or maneuvering.  Well, none of that has changed, yet somehow, I’ve altered my feelings on the Gunship from “meh” to “gotta have it right now, dammit when is my BBTS order gonna get here, I’m dying over here!!!”

I’m not sure exactly why that is, whether it was Duck’s review over on JBL, or that it’s getting so much action in the trailers and TV spots.  I’m easily swayed like that.  :shifty:

At any rate, I’m really looking forward to getting the goofy thing in my hands right now, but Alexx’s pictures ease that pain just a little.  Check out the thread here, and the images below.

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