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JoeBattleLines member Alexx has been pumping out these quickie reviews and image series solid for the past week, and I can’t get enough of ’em.  The last one he did for Covert Operations Scarlett was especially painful, though, because he convinced me to buy a figure I otherwise wouldn’t have…  but this time around, he hasn’t convinced me of anything, because I was already in the camp with both of these figures.

Yeah, even COBRA Commander.

I know, I know…  this is NOT Cobra Commander.  No, it’s not.  This isn’t the Cobra Commander we’ve known off and on since 1982, but it IS the Cobra Commander for the Rise of COBRA universe, and that doesn’t make it any less legitimate.  The Rise of COBRA is a totally different world for G.I. Joe…and just because this doesn’t fit your mold for ole chrome dome doesn’t mean it’s a bad toy.  I mean, it doesn’t fit MY mold for Cobra Commander either, but the toy itself is still a whole lot of fun, in my mind.  A little on the Darth Vader side, but still fun.   Other fans must agree with me as well, as the figure has already sold out at Big Bad Toy Store, and I’ve seen many complaints on the forums about folks not being able to find him.  Check out the links and galleries hosted below.

COBRA Commander

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Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes

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