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You can tell the pace is slowing down just a bit coming out of San Diego, because more folks seem to be taking the time to get some real quality pictures instead of the “dash and crash” click and shoot mentality of the first few days.  As a result, we’ve got some very nice images starting to come out.

First and foremost, JoeBattleLines got their gallery posted, and by and large, it’s excellent.  Check it out here.

Secondly, The Terror Drome also has another run of great images, too.  You can check out their SDCC Galleries here, and see some of the images mirrored below.

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Lastly, HissTank has also posted some updated images, which have taken a huge leap in quality.  Some very clear, very nice looking pictures here.  Also some below.

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Man, that is some serious mileage out of reused tooling.  Kamakura, Red Fang Ninja, Nano-Viper, and Night Adder are all made from existing tooling (if you can call Resolute Roadblock “existing”).  Sure, some parts are mixed up and there’s new webgear scattered about, but wow.  I hope this isn’t a trend.  We’ve gotten some surprisingly unique figures in the first 3 waves of Rise of COBRA figures, I’m really hoping things don’t end up as creative repaints in the single packs for the rest of the year…considering what we’ve seen for the other parts of Wave 4 I’m starting to wonder.  Every fourth wave has been notoriously repaint-heavy, though, that might just be it.  If that is the case, I applaud them for at least giving us some new blood.

JoeCon is coming up quicker than folks realize…I think we’ll see some really exciting stuff then.