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I’ve been right there with the majority of the fandom on my displeasure over the Pit playset.  Maybe if it were simply named as an updated Mobile Command Center or something, there would be more love for it amongst the fans, but most of us have a very distinct idea in mind when it comes to “The Pit”, something that is almost as iconic in G.I. Joe lair as some of the characters themselves.

Even when I got a pretty up close view at Toy Fair, I came back thinking that it looked pretty cool, but was not nearly worth the hundred bucks it was going to cost.  Well, I gotta tell you, I’m softening up that hard edge BIG TIME.  Over on, GeneralHawk59 has posted an exhaustive gallery of images for the Pit playset, and I’m starting to get won over.  This thing is huge, with a ton of potential play value, and I can think of many fun things I could use for future dio-stories.  Still, the price continues to be at least a bit prohibitive, but man, it’s more tempting now than ever.  Combine that with the awesome Joe-scale ping pong table, the mini-posters, an awesome memorial jersey from Bazooka…I mean come ON.  There are a lot of very neat little touches mixed in here.  Still trying to hold my hard edge, though…

The thread is posted here, but I’ve also mirrored the massive gallery below.

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