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It seems ridiculous to even assume that a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA is already in the planning stages before the first film has even hit the street…yet, there are articles across the ‘net (on IGN, Cinemaspy, or even the Brisbane Times for example) that seem to indicate a sequel is almost a done deal.  Normally this kind of talk makes me roll my eyes at least a bit.

However, this time around, the talk is coming from the production staff. In fact, Stephen Sommers himself said in Australia that they were beginning production of a sequel, and from what I’m hearing, San Diego ComicCon is abuzz with rumors that production might even already be under way.

Ultimately, this could be a big to do about nothing, but in the world of Hollywood, one can never tell…I think all we can do is sit back and hope the dollars start flying on August 7th so the franchise can continue to expand, and we can get a bigger focus on COBRA like we all want.  I know there are aspects of this origin story that have a lot of folks scratching their heads, but I really think given some more material to work with, we can get a really interesting new universe crafted.

And if nothing else, every couple of years we get a whole buttload of new toys out of it.  Win-win.