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Scoring Sessions has revealed some details about the upcoming orchestral score for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, composed by Alan Silvestri.  They’ve even got some neat behind the scenes images of the process of making the score, which is pretty fasincating.  Most interesting quote is as follows:

“Conducting a 90-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony, Silvestri’s music contains strong heroic brass themes, big and epic moments, driving action, and even some contemporary rock elements with electric guitar, percussion and synths. The orchestral percussion was so loud that most of the time they had to record them separately from the orchestra, with different passes for the various instrumental groups. Eight French horns, two pianos and two harps added to the walloping soundscape.”

The Examiner also has come through with a track listing, which I’ll reveal after the “jump”:

1. Clan McCullen
2. MARS Industries
3. Delivering the Warheads
4. General Hawk
5. It Had To Be NATO’s Fault!
6. King Cobra
7. What Happened To Her?
8. I Promise
9. The Pit Battle
10. They Intend To Use Them
11. Snake Eyes
12. I Have a Target In Mind
13. The JOEs Mobilize
14. Northern Route
15. Who Are You?
16. Deploy The Sharcs
17. Final Battle
18. Just About Close Enough
19. The Rise Of Cobra
20. I’m Not Giving Up On You
21. End Credits

Is it really less than a month away?  I, for one, am REALLY looking forward to this.