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I reported yesterday about the recently released Rise of COBRA Mission Dossier and mentioned that I was going to try and get myself a copy at the local Borders.  Well, I was successful, and I’ve already almost read the entire thing.  140 something pages of Rise of COBRA greatness!  Tons of character pictures, lots of behind the scenes stuff and weapon specifications.  There are a ton of weapons and gear that the figures come with that don’t seem to have a real identification…  well, they do now.

There’s concept art (the original Reactive Armor suit looked a lot like Snake’s “sneaking suit” from Metal Gear Solid 4), and a wealth of really awesome intel packed in there.  Of course there are spoilers littered throughout, but it is absolutely worth the fifteen bucks!  I’ll be ripping into this thing for the next 2 weeks while eagerly awaiting Rise of COBRA at the theaters.

More cool concept art is the evolution of the Viper helmets.  Some of them had some pretty nasty fangs built into the faceplate, further enforcing the fact that they were going for a “snake” look.  Trust me on this…if you’re even slightly a Rise of COBRA fan, PICK THIS BOOK UP.  It’s really awesome.

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