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JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines staff member Werecat must have stumbled across the latest Bravo vehicles on his travels, and has posted some of his educated, insightful thoughts on those two boards previously mentioned.  I’ve mirrored his excellent thoughts and images here as well.  Click the “Read the rest of the story” link below to check it all out.


G.I. Joe’s version of an Apache and a Comanche hybrid. Unfortunately to me, it was terribly disappointing because this thing is TINY! It’s like the Terminator Salvation A-10—it looks cool as a pic, but in reality it’s a let down.

It features removable engine covers, a Gatling gun on a side-to-side swivel, except the gun is mounted in fixed position pointing down. You can’t straighten it out or make it “shoot” forward. I guess guns aren’t used in close range air-to-air fights. It also features four spring launches missiles in two retractable missile bays. (The only really cool aspect of this vehicle.)

Wild Bill is a variant version of the ones we’ve gotten already. He has a different vest, lower legs with flight boots instead of cowboy boots, and his holsters, belt buckle, and fanny pack have been removed. But best of all, he has a new head that’s been enlarged over his prior versions. While still a bit small, it is never-the-less a welcomed improvement. No helmet, stand, or weapons included, however.

If this thing was the size of the original Dragonfly, it would be cool. But its tiny, rinky-dink stature is a severe letdown because it doesn’t look menacing or tough when placed side by side with the other vehicles. It’s pretty sad when the Cobra Gunship is bigger and thicker than a dedicated attack helicopter.

Honestly, the most interesting thing about this, is the new stickers. Other than that, it is not worth $24.99. Maybe $15.00, but nothing more than that.

Oh, one more thing to watch out for: the rotors are very, very thin and flimsy, so you’ll have to be careful with them.

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Crimson Hydra:

The Crimson Hydra is a JvC Sky Sweeper painted red, the Sound Attack system removed, and a $10.00 price increase over the original. Otherwise it’s the same—just less for more. There are plenty of JvC reviews you can look up.

As for the Aero-Viper, he’s a repainted MARS Trooper with a new helmet and vest. Not that exciting, considering almost every Cobra troop builder right now is made from the MARS Trooper body. And like with Wild Bill, he did not come with any additional weapons or a stand.

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