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JoeBattleLines member SNAKE_EYES1975 has been down on the movie (for understandable reasons) from the beginning, and wasn’t feeling the love from the movie toys either…but he broke down and bought The Pit playset, and has posted a review.  And if this is what a NON-movie fan thinks of the playset, then I’m even more eager to get one in hand!

“I DIDN’T want to buy it. Im sure it will be clearanced later for much less, seems to be the common theme.

My wife and myself took Jr. to Target to check out the new Joe stuff. My wife knows well how much of a fan I am, and she knows how I feel about the Movie, (shes seen some clips I have)
I looked at the figs again..Decided to get Desert Duke. When she seen that was all I was getting she asked why? She didnt get me anything for fathers day, because she was going to take me out, and give me a lil “shopping spree” of movie stuff. Well, I just dont care for the figs I seen, I felt the smaller vehicles were just outragously priced, for repaints, and the raven box was SOOO light that I kinda chuckled and set it back down.

My wife grabbed the Pit, and threw it in the cart, and said “happy fathers day hun..”

I got REAL damn excited..I wasnt going to buy this thing..but when she put it in the cart I was practically runnin to the register.

The Box itself is about as big or bigger than the Star Wars AT-TE. Decent graphics, and a neat play scene on the back…Big deal..The box is ok..

Once I pulled this thing out, I was FLOORED at the size. The whole “SS Minnow” thing is out the window once you look at it from an upward angle. All the other shots from the web show it from the side…NOT FLATTERING..But once its out, and on the floor, it IS a sight to behold.

The designers pulled out ALL the stops. I am VERY nitpicky with something like this, there ARE low points, and Ill discuss them later.

First off, the vehicle mode, is NOT bad…From the top it has a very large angled section, that looks almost like an Abrams turret. It looks good. And I was one of those loud barkers about it being just DUMB..Ill eat it on this one no prob..
I really thought it was going to be flimsy, and rattle around..NOPE. SOLID construction, and a well thought out design for a GIJoe base.

There is an entire Medical bay in the back, that I didnt know was there, and its decent size. as a matter of fact, when you swing up the top section to “convert it” there is a tab that pops that section out automatically …SWEEEET….

The electronic sounds are actually quite good. “Duke to level 3″…or “intruder alert” very loud…and crystal clear…There is also a button to make a transforming noise when you convert it.

The SHEER SIZE of this thing will blow many away, when they see it in real life. For once, THIS should have been a toy to showcase in plexiglass at toy stores to show just how big and cool it is.

There is storage and the lockers. Detail is quite good. Im not sure why the pit looks like it is 70 years old with all the dirts and rocks everywhere, but ok..I know the movie there an explanation.

High points

  • SIZE..hands down
  • Clever ladders, and steps to make it playable and accessable to figures as they would walk around the base.
  • Medical bay in back…Its real cool.
  • STICKERS. I cant emphasize this enough. There is a higher quality sticker than the 25th line. They STICK like the old ones. They made em better. and there is 6..count em SIX full sheets of sticker to put on it. I was putting on stickers for 2 hours, and only got done with 2 sheets. All the vintage looks are there “No Steps” and cool stuff. and there are posters of skystrikers, sigma 6 gragonhwaks and firebats..even snow cat poster..hell there a Scarlett caender.

The stickers and the assembly of this thing will throw you back to being a kid…dont think…Just get it…its killer and it comes with a decent amount of guns and goodys, like a coffee mug for Gen Hawk.

Low points

  • Cardboard. I dont see what all the hype was about a cardboard ping pong table, but ok..The use of cardboard boxxes and parts (There are cardboard parts that actaully FIT IN slots on the they ARE parts) is REALLLY cheap considering just how well done everything else is. I Mean..This is one HELL of a badda$$ toy here, and the thought of cardboard just rubs me wrong. These could have easily been thin plastic with 3d details and it would have been a HELL of alot better.
  • Elevater. Its worthless. When I seen the doors on the bottom and the doors at the top, I thought, Sweet..the elvater pops open those doors on the top, and conceals in the floor. NOPE. The elevator dosent even touch the floor, and it dosent come close to the top. It dosent connect the sides. Its REALLY pretty useless.
  • Bridge…AAAa…really? Why is the a bridge there? It says to connect to “something” else mabye a coffee table..But then again, there is NO room to drive a vehicle on the top section. this is as dumb as the elevator.
  • Jail Cell, Well…its OK..but the cell door is so low, that a fig standing up will not show his face.should have been bigger.
  • Gen Hawk? This figs legs look they should have been on a female fig. and overall he is VERY,…MEH..

A huge thanks to SNAKE_EYES1975 for posting this…great to read opinions from a few different points of view.  A monstrous gallery is below!

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