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So I’m toiling away at work, putzing around one of our small “drop sites” as I wait for Comcast and a local wiring contractor to finish some work so we can get this little office online and connected to our central database server.  I’m sure this sounds like a thrilling occupation, but hey, it pays the bills.

Anyway, late in the afternoon, I catch this post on…  eh?  Wow.  Obviously those boys are doing something right…  then there’s this post on UGO about Destros “final masked look being revealed” which is, of course, rediculously out of date and old news to the Joe fandom, but more curious was the fact that they had also apparently received some large magic box.

Finally, just before wrapping up, joined in the fray with this article.

Hrmph.  Now I’ve been a Joe fan for twenty-five years, and I’ve been deeply involved in the online Joe fandom for ten of those years…how do these guys get these magic boxes of goodies and I don’t??

Well, I got my answer when I pulled in my driveway…

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I know it’s easy to sing one’s praises when you’ve got a freshly opened box of free crap sitting in your living room, but I just wanted to extend a big thanks to not just Hasbro, but Hasbro’s invaluable PR Agency, who has been more in touch with the fandom than I ever remember in my ten years in this “business”.  From the Q & A’s to the special Collectors Events at Toy Fair and San Diego ComicCon, these guys bust their humps and bend over backwards and sideways for all of us.  Newcomers to the hobby may not realize what it was like even 5 years ago, but this is something to not take for granted.  It wasn’t always like this.

Just wanted to send that thanks along…  although now that I’ve got this huge box of stuff, I gotta figure out how the hell to start doing reviews…  the nursery can wait, I guess…I’ve still got a few weeks.  :shifty: