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Bad Sociologist over on reports that his Toys “R” Us received a nice assortment of stock for the upcoming Rise of COBRA toyline, but when he scanned the UPC, it reported that the items couldn’t be sold until July 4th.  We’d previously heard dates of July 11th and July 6th, and other Toys “R” Us assortments had reported July 10th, so at this point, it’s somewhat tough to tell exactly what the solid street date is.  I personally think a July 4th date would be great as a tie in to Independence Day…  whatever the actual date is, early July is just around the corner, so buckle your seat belts!

Another nice tidbit of information that was provided in that thread on HissTank was a rundown of the case assortment.  I’ve reposted that below.

Wave 1:

  • Destro x2
  • Duke: desert x2
  • Baroness: pit attack x2
  • Viper x2
  • Snake-eyes x2
  • Storm shadow:full uniform x2

Wave 2:

  • Heavy Duty: base camo
  • Heavy Duty: reactive armor
  • Viper: heavy weapons
  • Shipwreck
  • Cover Girl
  • Deep Six
  • Ripcord: reactive armor x2
  • Scarlett: camo uniform
  • Zartan