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If you’d asked fans at the beginning of the year which film might prove more successful or more “in tune” with what the fandom wants, the answer would have been unanimous:  Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.  Hell, if you’d asked the same fandom a week ago, the answer would have been the same.

Yet Kris Polglase, a blog writer for seems to indicate that perhaps the tables are turning, if just a bit.  Transformers 2 is receiving widespread negative reviews (though, I gotta say the first film did the same), while the latest trailer has risen the stock of G.I. Joe considerably.  Check it out here.

Listen.  I don’t pretend to assume that G.I. Joe will hold a candle to Transformers 2.  Not by a long shot.  Just thought it was an interesting article.  Hell, I’ll be seeing Revenge of the Fallen in iMax on Saturday, so I have no delusions that it won’t be entertaining.  I just look forward to August 8th, when everyone can judge on actually seeing the film rather than casting blanket statements about it.