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In recent months, Aint it Cool News has been a hotbed of ambilivlence towards G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, while the talkbacks boiled over with contempt and nerd anger.  However, the recently released trailer, combined with some insight from someone in the industry has given Harry Knowles a bit more of a positive outlook, which is nice to see.

He often gets blamed for being “in bed” with certain movie production companies, but considering how badly he’s lambasting Transformers 2, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case here.  And honestly, the comments he mentions from the director he’s spoken with sounds pretty on-target.  Here’s the full text from the AICN article:

“Hey folks, Harry here – over on YouTube – they have the latest GI JOE trailer up and frankly… I’m dying to see this trailer in the greater glory of Glorious Quicktime – but there’s flying motorcycles and crazy cool vehicles galore. Yes, none of this looks particularly real – but with the exception of specific costumes – it kinda looks an awful lot like GI JOE. I just want Cobra uniforms – and the cool ol Village People unique look of the JOES themselves. That said – I have a correspondence with a director. One we all collectively worship who told me that the film is made for the boy in us. And I can’t share that director’s name, but I can say he wants all the vehicles in this movie. And that’s as much of a clue as I’ll give ya. I’m now much more excited about this than TRANSFORMERS 2 – as the word on that is pretty awful at this stage”

Regardless of any agendas or reasoning, it is at least somewhat refreshing to see some positive spin and optimistic views, considering every single other website I’ve seen (save for Latino Review) has been pretty universal in their “Meh”ness.