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I think all of us remember the pictures of the cool, though somewhat strange looking helicopter that appeared to be coming with Wild Bill floating around various overseas auction sites not too long ago.  Rumored to be a new Dragonfly, there was no real cooberating evidence or information along with it.

Well, forum members SirVinic and SNAKE EYES have stumbled upon a listing on that seems to match up with this item, listing it as the “G.I. Joe Dragonhawk with Wild Bill”.  However, the image with the listing shows the COBRA Gunship.  However, at the time of this news posting, it would appear that this item has been removed from KMart’s website.

Along with the news of the Dragonhawk, samsallspark, a forum member of the Terror Drome is reporting that a mysterious quartet of figures are being referred to as “KMart Exclusives”, and part of a 4-Pack.  Those figures include a Duke, Heavy Duty, MARS Trooper, and Neo-Viper.  Click here to check out that story, and check out the figures below.  Keep in mind, this information is totally unconfirmed at this point.

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