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The MTV Movie Blog caught up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and spoke to him about the drama surrounding Stephen Sommers’ rumored firing and the potential outcome of the Rise of COBRA film.  He seems to indicate that it’s just gossip and rumors, but also has some important things to say about the film in general.

“G.I. Joe’ is like playing with toys. It’s very simple and its really fun and that’s all.”

I find it more than a little ironic that perhaps the most beleagured actor of the entire film offers some simple advice that I think a lot of Joe fans and people in general need to take into consideration.  Sometimes a film, especially a film based on a toyline, just needs to be simple and fun and that’s all.  Ultimately, if this movie does that, and entertains me for two hours, I’ll have no complaints.  Check out the full interview here.