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Early this morning I reported on the leaked vehicle images that had shown up, and I’ve spent the morning doing some research, and I’ve got a little elaboration on what these items may be.  Keep in mind, this is hypothetical on my part, but I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve got here, notes-wise.

  • Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty (Alpha Vehicle)
  • COBRA Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper (Alpha Vehicle)
  • Tiger  Claw w/ Leatherneck (Alpha Vehicle)
  • Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm (Alpha Vehicle)
  • Snow Cat w/ Whiteout (Bravo Vehicle)
  • COBRA Fury w/ Alley-Viper (Bravo Vehicle)

This information was gleaned from retailer lists and some process of elimination.  We should find out at SDCC how accurate this little list is.  I’ve also got non-watermarked versions of the images hosted below!

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