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HissTank forum member acmilan8540 has revealed a quartet of apparent Target exclusives which contain some repainted vehicles and some of the figures we’ve recently seen debuted on eBay by overseas auctioners.  Some Valor Vs. Venom pieces as well as the Anniversary COBRA CLAW with a nice assortment of vintage homage figures.  The packs include:

  • Grand Slam w/ Air Assault Glider (Spy Troops repaint glider)
  • Snake Eyes w/ Arashikage Cycle (Valor Vs. Venom Ninja Lightning repaint cycle)
  • Air-Viper Commander w/ COBRA CLAW (Anniversary CLAW repaint)
  • COBRA Eel w/ Wave Crusher (Spy Troops Wave Crusher repaint)

Check out the thread here, and check out the images below.

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