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Once again an overseas eBayer has debuted some new images of potential upcoming product for the Rise of COBRA toyline.  All of this is unconfirmed and can only be considered rumor at this point, but among the images shown were:

  • Battle Damage Storm Shadow
  • Duke (Accelerator Suit)
  • Resolute Snake Eyes w/ a movie Snake Eyes head
  • Storm Shadow red and white repaint
  • The Doctor
  • Reactive Armor Ripcord

I’d say this is a clear indication that we will see Resolute Snake Eyes in at least some form during the movie line…but I have to admit, the head sculpt is one of my favorite parts about the figure…I really hope we don’t lose that in the process.  The rest of this stuff has been seen in some form or function before, but with the paint apps, I am absolutely loving that battle damaged Storm Shadow.  Loving it.  I have no idea what’s up with those big ass metallic gauntlets, but the figure is cool, just the same.  Hasbro continues to really raise the bar, and take some potentially limited designs and ramp them up into very nice looking toys.  I’m really looking forward to building the “core team” of movie-accurate Joes and COBRA’s, and even random stuff like the battle damaged Stormy is very appealing.  Images are mirrored below, courtesy of the guys at The Terror Drome.

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