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An article posted on Welt Online has given a rundown of Burger King’s upcoming promotions tying in with Paramount and the summer blockbuster movies.  They mention G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA specifically and had the following to say:


  • G.I. Joe BK® Kids Meals premiums: Beginning July 27, Burger King Corp. enlists G.I. Joe for an elite mission. The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra promotion features a kids premium program filled with gadgets, action figures and vehicles that offer the ultimate adventure. Each BK® Kids Meal will come with one of eight G.I. Joe toys.*

“All three of these feature films boast a huge loyal fan base and have carved out a permanent place in pop culture,” added Klein. “Partnering with Paramount has allowed us to go beyond the typical tie-in property sponsorship to create all-encompassing entertainment and promotions that offer our restaurant guests a real piece of the action – in-restaurant, on their televisions, and online. Likewise, the creativity and innovation we bring to the partnership add value to the studios’ movie marketing effort.”

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