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Oh.  My.  God.

Yeah…  if this is what’s going to happen every time I take a day off to actually get some work done, I’m going to take a whole lot more days off!  Good grief, the floodgates opened.  I’m not even sure where to start.

First and foremost, Asia blew the doors open with a sudden outpouring of photographs of figures never seen before.  Pretty ironic that we got some Wal-Mart listings yesterday, and now all of a sudden these pictures all start flying over the Pacific.  Whatever the reasoning is, there are a ton of great pics of great new product at a bunch of different places.  You enterpising Joe fans that you are have probably checked them out already, but here are the links anyway:

  • (Resolute Roadblock, Destro, and Wild Bill)
  • The TerrorDrome (A whole lot more including the aforementioned ones, plus a bunch of figures from apparent Wal-Mart 2-packs and vehicle drivers)
  • (the same pic batch as the TerrorDrome ones above)