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On the other side of the World, TakaraTomy has revealed a surprising repaint in the form of the DTC Rhino vehicle originally produced for the new sculpt line a few years ago.  To see all of the awesome details of what I think was the best vehicle designed in the past ten years, check out my review here.

This is one fantastic vehicle, and I think it was a brilliant choice for release.  As an added bonus it comes with Rampage, who has some obvious strong Heavy Metal influences.  For folks who don’t know, Heavy Metal was (barely) repainted back in the 80’s as a mail away and released under the name Rampage.  It would appear Hasbro is dipping back into that pool, and the figure has some very strong vintage vibe.  Loving it.  Check out the image below and thanks to Type-R and Shin Densetsu of for the scoop!


Along with the image comes the news that TakaraTomy will be distributing the G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA toyline over in Japan, which is a great news from an International standpoint.  Could Joe be going global again?  Certainly looks like it.