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SuperHeroHype is reporting that a more indepth look at the “Eiffel Tower” scene from G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA was shown during the Banquet and Awards ceremony which closed out ShoWest.  They have a fairly in depth run down of what happens in this scene:

“The scene begins with Miller’s The Baroness going up a glass elevator like we’ve seen in the teaser and Super Bowl spot. She arrives on a glass roof that she runs across, then we see Storm Shadow running down the hall toward the board room with the rocket launcher containing nanites (again as before), but this time one of the Joes in an accelerator suit–not quite sure if it was Duke or Ripcord–jumps towards Storm Shadow trying to stop him but the rocket gets fired as Storm Shadow gets knocked through the wall. The nanite-filled rocket hits the Eiffel Tower as before, and it starts eating away at the metal, but this time we see it in a much slower and longer process than any of the footage we’ve seen before. Storm Shadow jumps down to the roof below, while Channing Tatum’s Duke catches up to the Baroness on the roof, as she fires some sort of projectile weapon at him. He runs away as the weapon impacts on the glass roof, which shatters and sends him falling downwards before he grabs onto one of the supporting beams and pulls himself back up. The Baroness then runs towards the edge of the roof as a Cobra aircraft lands and she runs on board. Duke chases after her, then makes a leap off the edge of the roof, landing inside the craft with Baroness and Storm Shadow, and she tells him, “Congratulations, Duke, you just saved Paris… or at least most of it.” And then we’re back on the Eiffel Tower as the nanites have done enough damage that the entire thing starts toppling downwards.”

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