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Last night apparently was inundated with many upcoming auctions for Rise of COBRA action figures, and while I got a post up for the Crimson Twins and Snowcat, a few snuck under the radar.  Well, not any more.  Thanks to a combination of cmderinchief from the Coil Club, HissCommander from the Terror Drome, and the folks at HissTank, I think I’m all caught up this morning.  😉  Check out the auction links below, and the gallery at the bottom for some interesting images!  Keep in mind, I’m going with auction listings, which (as in the case with “Dial Tone”) may or may not be accurate.

Destro from HissTank also uncovered a potential new COBRA Trooper (though he looks to have a Joe logo on his shoulder) but I haven’t found a link to the actual auction yet.  The image is posted below.

My thoughts?  I’m not buying the “Flint” or “Duke” labels.  Duke’s head looks like the Breaker head from the 25th Anniversary, and nothing like Channing Tatum…  I have no idea who he is, but I don’t think he’s Duke.  Same goes for the auction listed as “Flint”.  That head sculpt looks a lot like Dennis Quaid, and the figure itself looks like the promo pics we’ve seen for Hawk in the film, so I have a suspision that’s a single pack Hawk figure.  I might be wrong.

Considering all this, I’ve also gotta consider the fact that the other auction isn’t Dial Tone as the seller states, but I’m still holding to that.  😉