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Earlier this morning, we posted an image from HissTank that looked to possibly be a COBRA Trooper, but the figure appears to have a Joe logo on his shoulder armor.  The identity of this figure and character is currently a mystery, however it is definitely based on the Resolute Firefly design.

Thanks to cmderinchief from Coil Club and JoeBattleLines, we’ve been able to gather down a pair of much larger, better pictures of this mystery figure, with and without the armor!  Check it out below:



Now compare that to an image of the Resolute Firefly:


There are at least a few distinct similarities there.  The lower “apron” has that same pouch on the belt, and the overall armor looks remarkably similar (although there are pouches rather than a strap).  It’s currently unknown who this character is, if he’s a Joe or a COBRA, but whoever the character is, this figure rocks my world!  It looks AWESOME.  Gotta love the Resolute.