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Toy News International has just posted a new fact sheet provided by Electronic Arts in regards to the upcoming Rise of COBRA video game.  This fact sheet outlines a lot of stuff that we already know about the game, but at least gets it all together into one cohesive post.  The specific details are below:

Key Features of Console Versions

• Exclusive all-new storyline that picks up where the film ends and is inspired by 45 years of rich G.I.JOE history

• Two player co-op lets players choose an elite team and call in support from other G.I. JOE characters

• Choose from 16 playable characters (four of which are unlockable COBRA characters) – each with a unique set of abilities and weapons
o Announced G.I. JOE characters include Snake Eyes, Duke, Heavy Duty, Ripcord, Scarlett, Shipwreck and Gung Ho
o Storm Shadow has been revealed as an unlockable playable COBRA character

• Characters are classified into one of three units: Commandos who do well at close range, Heavys who possess extraordinary shooting skills but do it best from a distance and Combat Soldiers who are a balance between the two

• Gear up with the latest in high-tech gadgets like the film-inspired Accelerator Suit which makes you invincible and gives you short bursts of additional fire power

• Drivable G.I. JOE and COBRA vehicles designed for two-player co-op

• Three difficulty levels – appealing to players of all ages and skill levels (Casual, Advanced and Hardcore)

• 20 levels – each with 3-5 areas to explore – across four environments

• 75 file cards and various intelligence items hidden throughout the game which can be used to unlock additional playable characters, special missions, 4 PSAs and other bonus content

Key Features Specific to Nintendo DS Version

• Unique top-down arcade shooter, built from the ground up specifically for the Nintendo DS

• Choose from six G.I. JOE characters and five COBRA characters

• More than 20 missions across four environments, plus playable vehicles

• Create your own G.I. JOE vs. COBRA battles with up to 4 players (via wireless play)

Once again, check the original thread at Toy News International for all of the skinny.