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Yes, I know Wolverine and the X-Men has only barely started airing in the United States, and folks watching this excellent series on NickToons are only a few episodes into it.  However, in other parts of the world (namely Canada) the series has been airing on a regular basis since last year, and they have broadcast all the way through episode 23.  There are twenty-six episodes total in the first season (a full run down of the episode titles are available in the WikiPedia entry, but beware of spoilers in the episode titles and descriptions).

For enterprising individuals who know how to navigate the corners of the Internet, all twenty-three episodes broadcast so far on YTV are available for download and/or viewing.  I will say for any fans of the X-Men (or Wolverine) this series gets GOOD.  Really good.  It was hit or miss for a chunk of the season, though every episode so far has been entertaining, it wasn’t “wow’ing” me the same way as Spectacular Spider-Man did.  Well, that’s changed, and honestly, I almost find myself more interested in the Wolverine universe these days than the Spider-Man one.  Episode 19, “Guardian Angel” was one of the best half hours of animation I’ve watched in a really long time, and there’s been a handful of episodes since then that are really uping the stakes in the Mutant/Human conflict, and I find myself very excited to see how Season 1 comes to a conclusion.

Now, I can appreciate cartoons, but I understand the target audience and I understand how they sometimes have to be “dumbed down”.  But the best thing about Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men is that they are able to attract the younger audience, yet still manage to entertain us older comic and cartoon fans.

I won’t talk much more about it, since folks seeing this series in the US for the first time should enjoy the series spoiler-free.  Just rest assured, that even during some slow times early in the season, it’s worth sticking it out.  There are some cool twists and turns, some character appearences, and lots of cool mutant action.  Keep watching!

You can check out some spoilery goodness from Episode 19 below.  If you don’t want a big spoiler DO NOT WATCH.