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Ever since late last year, Wal-Mart computer listings have given us a great rundown of potential product that’s in the pipeline.  Most recently it’s led to heartbreak with the announcements that Waves 14 & 15 as well as the latest comic packs and  vehicles have all been pushed aside, but as it leads into movie stuff, I think we can start to at least somewhat depend on these listings to give us a foundation of what to expect.  Keep in mind, though, as always, these are unconfirmed reports and unconfirmed listings, so take them all with a mammoth sized grain of salt.

Well the “Super Poseable Blog” has reported that Wal-Mart computers have revealed the following information:

GI JOE Single figures $7.88

  • 65356944697 Single pack Charbroil
  • 65356944698 Night Adder
  • 65356944699 Red Fang Ninja
  • 65356944700 Single Pack Kamakura
  • 65356944701 Nano Viper
  • 65356944824 Duke V4
  • 65356944825 Single Pack Desert Viper
  • 65356944826 Single pack Ripcord
  • 65356944827 Storm Shadow

GI JOE Vehicle Assortment $15.97

  • 65356944078 Tiger Claw ATV L
  • 65356944075 PLR SHRC Sub IC
  • 65356944076 Rockslide Desert
  • 65356944077 Lava Pod Volcano

Some very interesting names in there, most notably Charbroil and Kamakura.  I really love the fact that we’re getting some new characters as well…  Red Fang Ninja?  Night Adder?  Looking forward to seeing some more details on those!