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Fred from JoeBattlelines has hit a home run again and given me a wealth of new images from the recently released Marvel Universe and Wolverine: Origins 1:18 action figure line.  These figures fit nearly seamlessly with any Joe collection on shelves and are fantastic looking toys in their own right.  He already supplied a couple of nice galleries of pictures in a previous post here and here, and now he finishes the job by giving me dozens more of figures we didn’t see the last time around.  Bullseye, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and more, all visible in the monster-sized gallery below:

Along with the Marvel Universe stuff, Fred also gave me some awesome pics of Wolverine-related figures, including the awesome Toys “R” Us exclusive Sabretooth vs. Wolverine (Logan) boxed set!  I am in LOVE with those two figures and that motorcycle.  Can’t wait to get my mits on that one.  Also in this gallery is the immortal orange/brown version of Wolverine as well, made famous in Frank Miller’s limited series.

These figures right now are the bane of my existence.  I love them, but none of my local stores have ANY of them yet, so it’s an exercise in anticipation and frustration all wrapped up into one.  These Toys “R” Us exclusives almost make me enraged.  Awesome stuff.