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Destro over at HissTank continues to make up for lost time as he posts an extensive gallery of the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Scarlett figure from Wave 1.

Decked out in a fairly standard looking camouflage uniform, this would appear to be a version of the G.I. Joe intelligence operative that isn’t seeing field combat, and instead is behind a desk or on base.  Honestly, this is probably my least favorite figure that I’ve seen so far.  While many fans are lambasting the “battle suit” look and begging for a more standard military appearence I find myself really liking the combat suits, and the stuff in standard military fatigues is fairly tiresome.  From a sculpting standpoint the figure itself seems to look fine, but when I drop the cash on Scarlett, I want the one in full “battle rattle“.

Gotta love that spring-loaded mega-crossbow!  Beautiful in its cheeziness!

To see a gallery of the images I snapped of this figure during Toy Fair check below.