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Sienna Miller is doing the press tour, supporting her new film “Edge of Love” but as she makes the rounds, she spills some stuff about the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA as well. did a quick interview with the G.I. Joe femme fetale, which you can find online here.

There are a bunch of great informational tidbits, including the confirmation that the two guys in the Accelerator Suits are Channing “Duke” Tatum and Marlon “Ripcord” Wayans.

Best quote about the film so far:

“Sienna said her favorite scene, however, was decidedly low-tech, depicting her evil Cobra assassin pulling hair with Joe agent “Scarlett” O’Hara. “There’s a really, really good girl fight between Rachel Nichols and myself,” she explained. “It’s like a proper, violent girl-fight scene. And we both worked so hard for the choreography and the training of it. … We both got hurt. I’m clumsy, so I slipped on a rubber bullet at one point and sprained my wrist quite badly. She ran into a flame and got burned.”

Great to see some positive buzz this early in the year.  Things will only ramp up from here.