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Anyone else even sorta looking forward to the new Iron Man Animated Series?

Yeah, me neither…at least not until I saw this trailer:

Okay, honestly the trailer is only sorta cool.  It’s not mindblowing, it’s not amazing, and I’m still barely sold on the “Iron Man as hip teenager” concept.  Actually, I’m not sold at all.  But the animation looks nice and fluid, and I dig the dialog.  Plus, so far with Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine & the X-Men, Marvel’s animated fare has been pretty damn good as of late, so I’ll give this one a shot.  And that’s not even considering the 60 minutes of pure awesome that was Hulk Vs.

But this actually opens up a bigger can of worms, which is a YouTube channel that I’d never heard of before, one devoted to the Marvel Universe.  This includes movie trailers, motion comics, promo’s for  various animated series…and dude.  Full episodes of X-Men: Evolution.  Sweet!