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Longtime GeneralsJoes friend LeonardoTDragon of JoeBattleLines took some time to dust off his “shooting area” in order to get me some fantastic pics of the new 4″ scale Marvel figures from Hasbro.  I think he sensed my frustration when I’ve been hitting dead end after dead end over the past 3 weeks (yes, even today, after the infamous “street date” there are none to be found in local retailers) and took pity on me by supplying some of the crispest and sharpest pictures of these figures I’ve seen to date!

From the Marvel Universe family we get a nice sampling of Black Panther, Iron Man, The Punisher, Silver Surfer, and Spider-Man with plenty of comparison pictures and loads of detail:

Then over from the Wolverine: Origins line we have various X-figures as well, like Deadpool, Gambit, Maverick, Sabretooth, Wolverine (Classic), Wolverine (First Strike), and Wolverine (X-Force):

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Well, since I don’t have these in hand I can’t comment on them a whole lot.  I will say the X-Force Wolverine looks a LOT better than the classic version (even if he’s a bit too tall).  Love the Deadpool…but I’m definitely not wild about those ball hip joints that some of these figures are sporting.  Hopefully they stick with the sockets that they’re using on the Marvel figures and standardize on that.  All in all, though, these things look pretty freaking nice.  Wish I could buy ’em.