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Hot on the heels of the GamePro Rise of COBRA preview, has chimed in with their own preview for the upcoming video game coming out this summer.  Just like GamePro, IGN provides some great new screenshots.  In the screenshots below we see what looks to be Gung Ho has a playable character!  Not only that, but we see a picture of Duke and Gung Ho battling against one of COBRA’s ominous new SNAKE armor robots, just a small example of the very cool homages we’re going to see in the game.

The write up also mentions that the four COBRA “bosses” in the game will be unlockable characters as well.  The confirm for certain that Storm Shadow is one of them, and hypothesize that Destro, COBRA Commander, and the Baroness will be the other three.  They also reveal that G.I. Joe helicopter pilot Wild Bill has a cameo.

To read the full article click here, and be sure to check out the gallery of images below.