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The Hasbro Q & A answers for Round 1, 2009 are flying in…  the answers for are below, and don’t forget to check my Q & A page for all of the answers spread amongst the other sites as well!

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1) The fandom in general has been raving about the Resolute toys, and waits in eager anticipation for news or information about the animated feature. It was obviously going to be a major focus of Hasbro in 2009, but seems to have dropped off the map a bit.  How confident should the fandom be that the figures we have not yet seen will somehow get released prior to, or with the movie line?  In other words, can you ease our minds and tell us that we will indeed see the Resolute-themed toys in some form or function in 2009?

The team is still finalizing the plan for GI Joe Resolute animation with regards to when and where it will air.  With regards to the toys, you will see the Cobra 5-Pack in addition to Duke, Cobra Commander, and the Trooper.

2) Can you confirm once and for all that, for all intents and purposes, the “25th Anniversary” line is currently on hold as you make the move towards movie product?  It would seem pretty obvious that the rumored Waves 14 and15 have ceased production (while some figures are worked into the upcoming COBRA Island 7-Packs).  Fan uncertainty right now is at an all time high coming up towards the movie, and I think many folks are feeling as if they are being given a disservice simply due to a lack of information.  If we’re moving on to the movie stuff, fine, but can we please just get a definitive statement saying what the direction of the Anniversary line is at this point?

As we head into this summer, the classic GI Joe line will stop and the entire line will switch over to movie.  The rumored waves 14 and 15 are not coming in single packs, rather we took those figures and offered them in the classic 7-packs.  The 7-packs will be the only classic item offered during movie timing.

3) Normally by this point we’ve heard some mention of specific store exclusive product.  I realize you don’t show exclusive items at Toy Fair, is there any plan in place to start showing off some of the items that are destined to be store exclusives, or do we have to wait for SDCC or JoeCon?

The plan is to show the majority of exclusives for the first time at ComicCon.