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Overseas seller ws_toys has come through with another early Rise of COBRA action figure auction, this time for a COBRA Neo-Viper.  The price stands at $14.99, and you can see the auction here, or if you’re just interested in the pictures, click on the thumbnails below.



I’m really interested to hear the fandom’s thoughts on this figure.  I know, by and large, the movie stuff has been getting panned, but I think as long as you’re not tied to nostalgia there are some things to appreciate.  I really love the skull-themed face mask, personally.  For folks like me, not married to the red/black scarf and helmet, there are some pretty neat “future tech” elements at play here.  Sure, this isn’t like your garden variety straight from the 80’s COBRA Trooper, but let’s not forget ever since 2000, G.I. Joe has been “evolving”, and as the next step in evolution, I think these troopers have at least some merit.  The layered armor, the fearsome appearence, and the state-of-the-art weaponry are all pretty cool, I think, even if they’re not at all reminiscent of the tried and true COBRA Troopers or Vipers.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing how these guys look on screen.  But something tells me I’m in the minority…