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To coincide with this month’s release of GamePro, featuring heavy coverage on the G.I. Joe property, and specifically the upcoming Rise of COBRA video game, has posted a G.I. Joe Preview online as well.  Check out the article here.

Within the article there are some healthy tidbits of information…take the following quote for example:

“Playing in tight corridors and tunnels is great for characters like Scarlett,” according to lead designer Dax Berg, “while outdoor attacks from Flight Pods are best suited to guys like Flash.”

There’s been no mention of Flash as of yet, so this is a nice indication of another character choice available in the game.  Like much of the other coverage of the video game across the web, this article focuses on the fact that the gameplay is set up to be a quick, action-based, arcade type game with power ups, easy to use controls and lots of flash.  Another key quote:

“You’ll spend those Battlepoints to unlock new playable characters, over 12 in all, including Cobra villains who possess signature weapons and combat abilities. You’ll also buy classic Joe memorabilia, too, including 75 unique file cards (those vintage cardboard character bios you punched off the back of the action figures), more than 30 enemy memos and intel reports, and even a video archive of the classic 80s cartoon public service announcements. Not a bad haul for 80s pop culture addicts, and more may be on the way in the form of downloadable content — the studio is still “evaluating its options” regarding DLC, but themes and pics are likely at a minimum.”

G.I. Joe heroes?  COBRA villains?  Quick, arcade-like gameplay for multiple players?  Sounds like fun.  In talking with the folks at Toy Fair, too, I get the impression that they are working hard to integrate plenty of vintage homages, too, so I think there will be plenty to enjoy.  Not a deep, story-driven game, but probably a nice quick “pick up and play” for G.I. Joe fans.  Considering it’s the first G.I. Joe video game we’ve gotten in…oh…over fifteen years, I guess I’ll take what I can get.

Check the gallery below for a full bevy of screenshots as well, some of which have not yet been revealed.

Also posted on GamePro was the G.I. Joe Theater of War preview, which is mostly focused on the film.