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As everyone is aware, an eBay seller is trickling out some movie product early, and even though I’m not a big fan of the Breaker figure, I decided to jump on the chance to get an early look at the movie product hands-on.  And honestly, even though I don’t really like Breaker necessarily, I really like what they seem to be doing with the movie figures as a general rule.

First of all, most articulation complaints from the fandom have been addressed, at least on figures with the skinnier arms.  Breaker’s arms bend a full 90 degrees (or quite close to it) and he’s got the familiar full socket hip joints which allow him close to full range of motion there as well.  Without his vest, he’s a bit scrawny, but he looks functional for one of these pseudo-futuristic G.I. Joe operatives “at rest” in The Pit or when not in the field.  The vest adds some bulk, but of course, also adds some articulation restrictions with the mid-section joint.  He’s got swivel wrists and the familiar double-jointed knees…in other words, he has all of the functional joints and “look” of the Anniversary figures, but with even a bit more motion where it matters, and that’s all good to me.

The highlight of this figure (and it would appear, many other figures) is the gear.  Breaker appears to be pretty nicely loaded.  He’s got a very nicely detailed laptop computer, with a cable that attaches it to a free-standing spring-loaded launcher (that I did not get with this auction).  It also plugs into his back.  He’s got a submachine gun and nice looking tactical pistol as well.  Each weapon looks a bit futuristic, yet is grounded nicely in reality.  This is a nice sign of things to come, I think.

All in all, Breaker as a figure is somewhat boring.  Plain black shirt, camouflage pants, etc…  but I think he fits in well with what the movie is going for.  I have no doubts that we’ll see a fully decked out Breaker as he appears in several of his promotional pictures.  I think once we get our eyes on the figure that has that look, we’ll sort of pass over this somewhat bland rendition of the character.

But I think what’s more important here is how this figure speaks for the future of the movie line and what’s to come.  Sleek sculpting with improved articulation, a ton of useful accessories, and some ingenuity with the gear that the figures come with all spells out some fun toys, even if they don’t look like the familiar Real American Heroes.  Check out the gallery below, and realize that even if Breaker is a bit dull, I think the potential is there for some cool stuff, especially based on pictures of upcoming product.  I, for one, am looking forward to it.