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riseofcobra_doctor_smallFollowing on the heels of‘s huge list of Rise of COBRA themed character costumes, debuts something that is likely to get them in hot water with Hasbro and Paramount.

Click on the image to the left to enlarge, and see “The Doctor” in all of his high res glory.  An apparent homage to Dr. Mindbender (as well as linked to many other spoilers that I will refrain from mentioning here) it’s tough to argue that “The Doctor” looks just…well… rediculous.  The blue monocle, the wrap around metal mask…man.  I’m giving Rise of COBRA a lot of leeway, but I’m sorry, I’m just not sold on The Doctor’s look.

CostumeCraze also has a bunch of other costumes and G.I. Joe accessories (some not featured on  Check the rest out here.

Thanks to Destro at HissTank for the heads up!