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I plan on talking about the movie toys quite a bit more in the coming days, but I figured I should at least talk about them a bit since the pictures debuted today as we reported they would.  By now most folks have seen the actual pics scattered across the internet and everyone is chiming in with their two cents.  I’m sure everyone is just dying to know my thoughts…  :shifty:

As I said, I’ll talk about it more as the days go on, especially as we take in Toy Fair, but for now I’ll say I’m fairly happy with what I’ve seen so far.  I’ve made no plans to jump into the movie line with both feet forward, I’d always known I was going to be cautiously optimistic and wouldn’t feel any need or desire to “catch ’em all”.  But I like the science fiction angle to my G.I. Joe universe, and there is that in spades with this line, that much is obvious already.

The stand outs from what we’ve seen so far are without a doubt Heavy Duty, Shipwreck, and Accelerator Suit Ripcord.  Heavy Duty looks like a large beast of a man (as he should) and he’s got a very “Roadblock” vibe with the dark green tank top and vest.  The sculpting looks fantastic from what I can tell from the small and somewhat distorted pics, and he has one freaking HUGE chain gun.  Shipwreck is also a very pleasent surprise.  He’s been strongly rumored to appear at least in some facet in the film, and I love the look they gave him here, pulling a lot from Devils’ Due, but mixing in the movie super hero suit.  The detail and the weathering on the armor is pretty nice from what I can tell, and he’s got a hell of a lot of nice gear.  Ripcord is another favorite, mostly from that sci-fi angle I mentioned before.  I really wasn’t sold on the accelerator suits, especially when we saw some awful behind-the-scenes pictures a while ago, but seeing them in action in the Super Bowl spot really changed my mind.  I think they’ll draw a lot of buzz leading up to the movie, and could really put butts in seats and give folks something they haven’t seen before.  I’ve been concerned about the movie’s ability to do that.

Beyond that, though, the toy looks great.  A bulky, yet sleek, well sculpted tech suit looks very, very nice, and very almost “Sigma Strike Duke” like.  Yet it doesn’t appear as if it’s too bulky to be well articulated.  Looks like a nice blend, although obviously I’ll be able to tell better once they’re in hand.  Hopefully Toy Fair will give us some insight next weekend as well.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve seen.  I’m still a little curious as to the wave numbering since I’d think we’d get a Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Baroness in the first wave, but all in all, we’ve already got a very nice, eclectic mix of characters and a nice mix of “looks”, too.  I know some folks were a bit worried about a wall full of black when these hit retail, but by the looks of things, we should be getting some nice variety.

To see the pics, take your pick:  Coil Club, The Terror Drome, or HissTank.