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So, I’m feeling wishy washy.  Look, I know this is a G.I. Joe site, and I know most of the viewers really only care about that.  But I’ll be damned if I’m not getting sucked into these awesome 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe figures.  They’re the perfect marraige between the comic characters I love, the scale I’m a huge fan of, and the articulation I need.

What do you guys think?  You want to see more coverage of the Marvel stuff (though only the 3 3/4″!) here?  Here are a few galleries to get you going:

Marvelous News

Fred from JoeBattleLines and I were just talking about this…and man, if this doesn’t have some serious potential.  Imagine COBRA agents discovering Captain America frozen in ice, then teaming up with Hydra to unthaw him and turn him into their ultimate weapon?  Imagine SHIELD discovering the existence of COBRA and Hydra’s union, and deciding a specialized task force needed to be created to battle against them…a task force called G.I. Joe?

Imagine the infamous “Merc with a mouth” battling toe-to-toe against the most famous and skilled Arashikage ninja in the world…  Nick Fury and General Hawk standing back-to-back fighting off scientifically advanced terrorists.  The possibilities are almost endless.  I’m getting a bit pumped up.

Toy Fair in one week!