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This news was broken on TFW2005, as they report that the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen TV spot was the most watched commercial online following it’s debut during the big game on Sunday, but the best news to Joefans is that this same article shows that the G.I. Joe TV Spot ran second.  While Revenge of the Fallen still beat out G.I. Joe by nearly 2 million unique views, the fact that G.I. Joe ranked second is great news.  According to this article, the TV Spot beat out the Pepsi commercial “forever young” by over 50,000 views, and was uploaded to the internet 279 times compared to the Pepsi one, which was only uploaded 33 times.

This is a great sign that the G.I. Joe film is appealing to a mass audience, and hopefully the momentum continues to build…  and just because I’m always looking for an excuse to post it, here’s the trailer again, courtesy of