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As anyone who visits this site knows, I have two main “loves” in the geek sense…one being G.I. Joe, the other being super heroes.  It’s funny, though, I am NOT a comic collector.  I was for a long time, in fact at one point I spent $75.00 per week on my comic habit, but I quit cold turkey about 6 or 7 years ago and have never looked back.  Even though I don’t follow the day-to-day events, however, I still have a real love for the characters and the ideas of the Super Hero world, especially the Marvel one.  I have no desire to see Spider-Man struggle through the latest global catastrophe (or the horrors of “One More Day”…  *shudder* ), but I still love the essence of the Spider-Man character, which is why I find myself really loving the cartoons.  I can enjoy the characters without needing a 1200 page omnibus telling me every single little event that happened in their life.

Of course, I also love G.I. Joe… so when these two universes collide, it makes me a happy camper.  I’ve really been looking forward to the new Marvel 3 3/4″ figures that are on the horizon…and it turns out the horizon is closer than I thought!  Wolverine: Origins figures supposedly have a “Street Date” of March 1st, but JoeCustoms member iwbeta has found some in his local Toys “R” Us.  He posted images in this thread, and these images are all courtesy of his Photobucket account.

Deadpool vs. Snake Eyes?  SOLD.