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Well, first of all…because it’s my site, dammit.  :shifty:

In all seriousness… it’s safe to say I’ve been a fan of Marvel cartoons since day 1…actually, Marvel TV shows and movies in general.  Channel 56 out of Boston would show a “Creature Double Feature” on Saturdays every weekend, and I would ALWAYS make sure to tune in, because sometimes, just sometimes, they would show the old school 70’s Amazing Spider-Man TV show.  Yeah, you know the one.

Damn, I still get all giddy when I hear that theme  music.  This brings back some serious memories…all good ones.  In fact, back in those days (this was pre-YouTube and pre-internet) I would travel down to Boston with my mom and hit the Comic Conventions on 200 Stuart Street, but I would almost bypass the comics themselves, and go straight to the bootlegs.  On one trip, I discovered the marvelous Japanese Spider-Man live action series, that had no subtitles, yet I watched every minute of every episode I got on that black-boxed VHS tape. Check the wonder:

Hey at least the effects were better…  slightly.  Of course that all gets offset by the fact that Spider-Man jumps into a giant Power Ranger-esque battle robot in order to fight evil.  Ah, those Japanese…

Mixed in with those bootlegs I would come across the occasional gem, like the 70’s era Captain America TV movies I had never heard of:

Good stuff…  don’t even get me started on Dr. Strange or the Incredible Hulk.  Long live the 70’s!  Anyone these days who complains about the 90’s Marvel films, TV shows, or cartoons, just tell them to hit up Youtube and remember how things were…  😉