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Both HissTank and The TerrorDrome have come through with MUCH larger pictures of those UK Toy Fair movie trading cards…  at HissTank you need to be a member to view the pics, so if you’re not, The Terror Drome has you hooked up, too.

All in all, the pics…well…they don’t do a whole lot for me, because a lot of it is stuff we’ve seen before, and the pictures are pretty small.  Some things that I noticed, though:

  • The COBRA Viper.  I know, I know…it doesn’t look like THE COBRA Viper, but I love that tall, metal collar, and I am really digging that strange looking metal facemask.  I find myself getting pretty excited to see these in toy form, hopefully at Toy Fair in 2 weeks.
  • Hawk; I wasn’t sold on Dennis Quaid originally, but he looks pretty grizzled, pretty serious, and pretty “Hawk-like” in this latest picture.
  • Zartan just doesn’t look like “Zartan” in a business suit, but judging by his specialty, I’m certain he won’t be in that look for long.  I’m hoping he’ll be changing his appearance like crazy.  I wouldn’t necessarily expect to see him sporting a brown hood and KISS make up, but hopefully he gets a bit more “Zartan” looking somewhere down the line.
  • I’m glad it mentions Destro’s ancestral mask on the card as well.  A nice tribute, and hopefully we actually see it during the film.

All in all, nothing startling…a few nice revalations, and if nothing else, the increased coverage is getting me more excited for the trailer on Sunday, for Toy Fair in 2 weeks, and for the movie release in August.  Bring it on.