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As folks are aware yesterday was Q & A day, and I’ve decided to gather some of the more interesting “Resolute” related news that folks might have missed amongst the deluge of questions and answers.  Here are the facts:

  • As of 2009, all of the Comic Packs will take place in the Resolute universe coming with new stories produced by IDW and written by Larry Hama.  (Source)  That means that rumored Comic Packs Snake Eyes vs. Night Creeper, Scarlett vs. COBRA Commander, Dive Suit Duke vs. Lamprey, Crimson Trooper & Iron Klaw Trooper could all potentially be done in a “Resolute” style.  In my personal opinion a lot of these figures will probably strongly resemble their vintage counterparts (especially Night Creeper and Lamprey) but that’s just opinion.
  • The Resolute figures will fit in with the classic figures sculpt-wise.  (Source)
  • An announcement for the Resolute “micro-series” should be coming in the next month.
  • Packaging for the Resolute figures will strongly resemble the Anniversary packaging, with slight graphical adjustments to separate them.
  • We can expect some mainstream characters (not just Greenshirts) getting killed in the Resolute series.  (Source)
  • We should see a preview of the Resolute figures in Collectors’ publications before the end of the year (most likely in the GIJoe Club newsletter).  (Source)
  • Hasbro has stated that there is “no confirmation” that figures for Resolute have been leaked yet, and announced that they will be revealed in the coming months.  (Source)
  • There is a promotional website in the works for G.I. Joe Resolute, and the figures for the series will primarily be new tooling and new molds.  (Source)

I also want to touch on my post way back as well, where I talked about the upcoming Resolute figures.  As most of you remember, a batch of figures was seen on HissTank that folks there were just hypothesizing were Resolute figures, and I stand by the fact that they are 100% incorrect.  Backing up my assertion is the fact that Hasbro stated in the Q & A that Resolute will feature “new molds” and also a recent picture put up on TaoBao featuring “Thunder” which bares a striking resemblance to the Resolute Duke.

Check out the image below and let me know what you think:

Now someone tell me…  does anyone still think those bizarre mis-proportioned frankensteins have anything whatsoever to do with Resolute?  I certainly hope not, the answers are pretty obvious.